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Napa Valley Framing Co. - Same Location and great Staff - just a different name

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Hello! Welcome to the first blog post of Napa Valley Framing Company. First, I'd like to say thank you for checking out our website. You may notice all of the staff and services we provide are the exact same as the previous store here. It's because we are the exact same. HA.

I, (Kim White) who worked under the former business and owner of 11 years, had the opportunity to keep the frame store up and going, JUST UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME. I wish I could speak more about the terms and conditions on that, because it's been a blessing born out of unexpected loss, but can't. All I can say is that I am still saddened by the briefness of the owners passing, just as some of you are as well.

I am glad to say that all former employees are still here and we are ready to move onward.

I have a deep commitment in providing the very best framing and services for each one of you that walk through the doors. We strive to provide the very best materials for your framing or printing needs and a quality of customer service that rivals any other.

Come by and say hi! Come in and bring us your next wall worthy project, I promise we won't disappoint with what we can provide you with.



Here's a picture of our future store framer. My daughter, Riley, age 5.

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